CNG Fueling Station Replacement

Project Description

Our team developed detailed design drawings and equipment specifications for the comprehensive replacement of CNG fueling equipment and a natural gas generator at the City of Ontario's fast-fill and time-fill CNG fueling station. Our engagement included technical support throughout the permitting, bidding, and construction phases. The project was executed seamlessly to ensure continuous operational functionality of the CNG station during the equipment replacement.

The CNG station operates 24/7, servicing public vehicles continuously and accommodating the City's trucks overnight. The newly installed CNG fueling equipment boasts two electric-motor driven compressors, a single-tower gas dryer featuring a semi-automatic regeneration system, a priority-sequencing control valve panel, and four additional time-fill stations. The incorporation of these new time-fill stations represents an expansion of the existing system, enhancing the station's overall capacity.

An additional layer of resilience was integrated into the system through the installation of a new generator, designed to start one of the two CNG compressors in the event of a power outage. This strategic enhancement ensures uninterrupted service even during unforeseen circumstances, further solidifying the reliability and efficiency of the City of Ontario's CNG fueling station

Services Provided

  • Process Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
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