Fostering True Partnerships
and an Enduring Legacy

With a longstanding reputation for quality, client service, and safety, AEDES is a trusted partner for projects involving the transportation of crude oil, refined petroleum products, natural gas, electricity, and renewables.

30 Years of Proven Experience in Energy Processing and Transportation

AEDES has built lasting partnerships with major U.S. petroleum, natural gas, specialty gas companies, and electric utilities. We specialize in liquid petroleum and natural gas midstream projects, encompassing gathering and transmission pipelines. Our team, many of whom are industry veterans, navigates the complexities from initial concept to project operation, offering a comprehensive range of services, including feasibility studies, environmental permitting, full design, field services, and construction. Our national presence is comprised of engineering professionals strategically positioned across the Mid-Atlantic, Gulf Coast, Midwest, Southeast, Northeast, and West regions.

Our Core Values


We are committed to the well-being and protection of all individuals and believe that every member’s practices contribute to a safe work environment. This commitment begins with individual awareness and extends to collective care, emphasizing proactive measures to prevent harm or hazards.

Relationship Focused

Our relationship philosophy centers on fostering a ‘zipper effect,’ seamlessly integrating all levels of our organization with our clients. By prioritizing our clients’ success, we forge lasting partnerships built on trust, communication, and mutual growth.

Quality Driven

As a quality-driven organization, we are dedicated to surpassing client expectations by delivering exceptional outcomes. Our approach goes beyond standards, incorporating a deep understanding of industry intricacies, attention to detail, and adept navigation of complex challenges.


We believe in being transparent and truthful, whether communicating with our dedicated employees or valued clients. This means real talk on budgets and timelines, fostering an environment of openness and trust. We view transparency as the cornerstone of effective teamwork, where clarity and honesty pave the way for collaborative success.

Fostering a Culture of Caring
and Safety: The AEDES Way

At AEDES, we prioritize a robust safety culture rooted in care and responsibility. Our commitment begins with individual self-awareness, extending to the collective well-being of our colleagues. Through this shared ethos of caring for one another, our safety culture grows exponentially. This collective effort ensures that safety becomes an integral part of our daily lives, embodying the AEDES way.

30+ Years of Engineering Excellence

Key Milestones in AED Energy Services Evolution

1989—Environmental Group Formed

Our Environmental Group takes its first steps into the energy industry with inaugural projects for Sun Pipeline Company and PECO Natural Gas. This foundational period sets the stage for future growth and evolution in the environmental and natural gas sectors.

2000—Growth into New Markets and Geographies

Environmental Group initiates operations in the Pittsburgh office, laying the foundation for expanding operations in the Midwest.

2006—Expansion into Houston

Environmental Group transforms into Energy & Communications Group, marked by the inauguration of the Houston office. With the experienced leadership of Gerry Donnelly at the helm, the establishment of the Houston office represents geographic expansion and underscores our commitment to the dynamic energy and communications sectors.

2012—Elevating Focus on Energy

In a strategic move to enhance commitment to the energy sector, Energy & Communications Group becomes the Energy Services Group. This pivotal decision reflects the company’s dedication to centralizing its efforts on the dynamic and evolving energy industry.

2014—Energy Group Expands into Denver

Continuing its strategic growth, the Energy Group expands its footprint into Denver, Colorado, through the acquisition of a midsize engineering firm, further solidifying our presence in the region.

2020—Leadership Transition

After an illustrious 45-year career with the Energy Group, Gerry Donnelly bids farewell to a legacy of leadership. Stepping into the role with vision and expertise, Chris Antoni assumes leadership of the Energy Group.

2023—A New Chapter: AED Energy Services Emerges

In a transformative move, ARG acquires the Energy Group. The entity undergoes a rebranding process, emerging as AED Energy Services. This strategic shift aligns with evolving industry dynamics and positions AEDES as a formidable player in the energy sector.

Powered By Our People™

AED Energy Services is part of the Allied Resources Group (ARG). Our family of technical companies offer a collaborative environment, flexible work opportunities, and a family-centric culture.