Block Island HDD Support

Project Description

AEDES provided the quality plan for JT Cleary, Mears, and subcontractors performing offshore cable replacement work. Our contribution included the development and implementation of a comprehensive quality plan to uphold the highest standards throughout the project.

Key aspects of our involvement include:

Documentation Retention Site Setup: We established a centralized documentation retention site for the quality plan and associated documents, ensuring organized and electronic filing for easy access and retrieval.

Quality Process Management: Our team managed the entire quality process, overseeing quality audits, reviewing pertinent documents, and providing expert input for necessary approvals.

Documentation Control: We managed the quality documentation, ensuring accuracy, completeness, and compliance with applicable standards and regulations.

Final Quality Documentation Package: Our staff compiled a comprehensive final quality documentation package. This package, meticulously curated throughout the project, was handed over to JT Cleary for submission at the conclusion of the offshore cable replacement work.

Attendance at Quality Meetings: Our team actively participated in all quality meetings with JT Cleary and Orsted, collaborating closely with stakeholders to address any emerging issues, provide insights, and contribute to the continuous improvement of the project.

Services Provided

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