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AED Energy Services (AEDES) was founded on the belief that by designing with ingenuity and expertise, we contribute to a resilient and sustainable energy landscape that propels our nation towards a more prosperous and interconnected future.

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We are a national multidisciplinary engineering practice driven by quality and safety. Our professionals are experts in many disciplines yet share one passion—making our clients succeed. We combine expertise with experience to deliver safe and well executed engineering projects to clients across the U.S.
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At AEDES, safety is our top priority, reflecting an executive commitment and a corporate-wide focus on best practices. We hold registrations with respected safety organizations such as ISNetworld, Aveta, VeriForce, and DISA. Our approach involves comprehensive site-specific safety plans, ensuring full OSHA compliance. This includes thorough risk assessments, PPE hazard assessments, emergency response procedures, and detailed job safety analyses. Through these measures, we are steadfast in our commitment to creating a workplace where safety is ingrained in every aspect of our operations.
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AED Energy Services is part of the Allied Resources Group (ARG). Our family of technical companies offer a collaborative environment, flexible work opportunities, and a family-centric culture.