Complete Project Lifecycle Engineering Services for the Energy Market.

Previously known as STV Energy Services, AED Energy Services has earned the trust of recurring clients in the energy industry for Over Three Decades.


Complete Project Lifecycle - Engineering, Environmental & Survey Services

Elevate your infrastructure with our decades of experience in expertly crafted capital improvement plans. We optimize project efficiency and longevity, ensuring sustainable growth for your operations in the dynamic oil and gas landscape.

Trust is the cornerstone of our integrity management services. We employ cutting-edge methodologies to safeguard your assets, providing a secure and resilient foundation for your oil and gas endeavors.

Rely on our maintenance services designed to enhance the reliability and performance of your oil and gas facilities. We keep your operations running smoothly, minimizing downtime and maximizing output for sustained success.

Navigate challenges seamlessly with our specialized expertise in third-party pipeline impact relocations. We streamline the process, ensuring a smooth transition without compromising safety or efficiency in your oil and gas projects.

Gain strategic insights with our Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) studies. Our experienced team provides comprehensive analyses to empower informed decision-making for your oil and gas projects, ensuring optimal outcomes.


Previously a division of STV, AED Energy Services was acquired by Allied Resources Group in November, 2023.

AED Energy Services' recently acquired team brings a 30-year legacy to delivering end-to-end solutions across renewables, liquid petroleum, natural gas, chemical midstream, and utility segments of the energy industry. The group will operate as a stand-alone subsidiary under ARG, upholding its reputation for high-quality services.

A Partner of Choice for Key Segments of the Energy Industry

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