Lemon Grove CNG Fueling Station Expansion

Project Description

Our team helped to expand the capabilities of an existing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station by preparing detailed design drawings and equipment specifications to integrate time-fill stations. We provided crucial technical support throughout the permitting and construction phases, ensuring the seamless integration of these additions. The CNG station primarily serves EDCO's trucks, facilitating overnight refueling.

The project involved the incorporation of 34 new time-fill stations, significantly enhancing the station's capacity and operational efficiency. This expansion brought the total number of stations to an impressive 99. Given the limited yard space, approximately half of the new stations were strategically placed to accommodate a two-truck deep arrangement. This thoughtful approach maximized the utilization of available space while meeting the specific needs of the station.

Our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions is evident in the successful execution of this project, which not only increased the overall capacity of the CNG station but also optimized its layout to address spatial constraints. The addition of time-fill stations contributes to the station's operational flexibility and further supports EDCO's truck refueling requirements.

Services Provided

  • Process Design
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering
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  • ClientEDCO
  • LocationCalifornia